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The Spirit of Adventure

LeClaire has always been home to a bold, courageous essence embodied by the pioneers and trailblazers who carved a path into the heart of America. But that spirit goes far beyond the legends passed down through generations and lives on in the unequaled attractions lining the Great River Road. Immerse in our history — as well as the life and times of one of America’s most storied frontiersmen — at the Buffalo Bill Museum. Tour the Mighty Mississippi through the lens of the 19th century aboard the Riverboat Twilight. Grab a refreshment or find your new go-to drink on Libations Lane. Clear your schedule and check out one of the distinctive community events on the LeClaire Levee. Explore the fascinating people and places of LeClaire and discover adventures you’ll remember forever.

Eagle & Pelican Watching

Bald eagles and American white pelicans soar the skies over the Mississippi River in LeClaire. Learn more about when and where to see these amazing animals!

The LeClaire Chronicle

Connecting Iron Eyes Cody to LeClaire
Connecting Iron Eyes Cody to LeClaire
by LeClaire, Iowa

The Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire, Iowa, has an exhibit featuring a teepee once owned by actor Iron Eyes Cody.…

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