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Cody Road Historic District

Historically Charming

You guessed it! Cody Road (and the Cody Road Historic District) honors the namesake of the iconic William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, an American soldier, bison hunter, and showman with national notoriety.

Today, over 60 structures create the historic district in LeClaire, Iowa. A 9-block stretch of U.S. 67 reaching all throughout our river town boasts picturesque views of the mighty Mississippi River. This district contains both residential and commercial structures filled with some of the best eateries, boutiques, gift shops, museums, and historical sites found in LeClaire, IA.

On your visit, you’ll find a healthy mix of old timey appeal in the rustic downtown buildings and modern dwellings with glass-fronts and large parking lots for visitors. So, yes, there’s a little something for everyone!

Momentous from Past to Present

Significant in both architecture and history, Cody Road honors a rich variety of mid-to-late 19th century building construction and aesthetic design. In its entirety, you’ll literally walk through history as you observe a near-seamless blend of the old with new. Fan-favorite restaurants, iconic boutiques and gift shops, and incredible residential views of the river remind us of the relative simplicity of life.

In its early heyday, LeClaire was a bustling center of industry and commerce with major participation in the history of Mississippi River trade and transportation—leaving a lasting legacy for all its current residents and guests.


Our Early Rivertown

LeClaire began in the late 1830s with the first settlers inhabiting the area. Two towns, Parkhurst and LeClaire, and a small strip of land previously known as Middletown, blended together to occupy the area known as present day LeClaire. This strategic location of a 15-mile-stretch of rock-strewn water known as the Upper Rapids plays deeply into our town’s appeal and traditions.

The Mighty Mississippi

Earning its nickname, the Mississippi River played a dominant role in the budding life of LeClaire. Apart from the stone quarries and brickyards, early industry was mostly milling and river work which provided Cody Road with the celebrated appeal of beautiful River Pilot homes and other historical markers like the Riverboat Twilight.

Expect to be enamored with the beauty and grace of our history during your visit to LeClaire, Iowa!