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Like most worthwhile things, LeClaire wasn’t built in a day or by one person.

It takes a collective of like minded, yet uniquely motivated people all believing wholeheartedly in the success of their dream. Whether that dream relates to their personal business or a broader ambition to see LeClaire soar into new heights, visitors can enjoy the hardwork and dedication put into a town that’s as historically charming as it is invigorating and full of life.

Peer behind the curtain of some of the most exciting places you’ll have to visit on your trip to see us! It will be worth your time and pretty much guaranteed to leave lasting memories to last you a lifetime (or until you’re ready to plan your return trip).

Crane & Pelican

Two Birds, One Incredible Restaurant

Nestled in an old River Pilot home overlooking the Mississippi River, Crane and Pelican Café, owned and operated by Mandy Harvey, gives customers a glimpse into LeClaire’s powerful history while dining on good for the soul, inspired-by-home recipes. In fact, these dishes might feel familiar. Maybe hazy memories of Sunday dinners past or an unexpectedly enjoyable holiday gathering come to mind. Like our memories, food is a powerful way to connect with each other. So, when you’re here, sit back & enjoy recipes inspired by those most dear to Mandy’s life story.

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The Crane & Pelican Café

127 2nd Street South
LeClaire, Iowa 52753
(563) 289-8774
Reservations Appreciated

Aunt Hattie’s

Keeping Life Fun & Fanciful

Calling all lovers of the quirky, strange, and otherwise eccentric! LeClaire just might have the perfect boutique for you. Aunt Hattie’s Fanciful Emporium brings together the best of the old school with the modernity of the new school. Together, hilarity blends with nostalgia to make this boutique a must-see attraction during your trip to LeClaire.

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Aunt Hattie’s Fanciful Emporium

102 S. Cody Road
LeClaire, Iowa 52753
(563) 289-2228

Antique Archaeology/American Pickers

Come Pick with the Best of ‘Em

It’s been over a decade strong for one of television’s most popular history-loving partnerships. American Pickers may be the hit show on the History channel, but Antique Archaeology holds a special place in the hearts of LeClaire locals including show host, Mike Wolfe. For him, the most beautiful aspects of “picking” are usually the least attractive. We’re talking dirty fingernails, rust-covered metal, and even those tough negotiations with strong-willed owners and collectors. All of these bits and pieces work together to create this everlasting story of how closely tied our present is to history’s past.

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Antique Archaeology – LeClaire

115 1/2 Davenport St
LeClaire, Iowa 52753
(563) 265-3939